Wellness Trail

Regenerating and unique experience, thanks to the benefits of Montalbano's water

Inside the Montalbano Hotel, a wellness center where you can experience magic moments of absolute relax, cuddling your skin with thermal water from Montalbano Elicona, as the King Federico II d’Aragona did on the advice of his own doctor Arnaldo from Villanova.

supplement of €25 per person for the use of the SPA, unless this is included in your package

The Fitness center is always included in the room rate.

The wellness trail at the Montalbano Hotel

Water and air: the essence of the relax!

Whirlpool Bath, Steambath, Bio-sauna, Sauna, Ice fountain, Water paradise, Relax lounge, Fitness center.

Whirlpool bath

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known from ancient times: the source were magic and the water regenerating. The hydromassage is the perfect way to recharge your batteries, generating a sense of total relaxation of body and mind.

Steam bath

Known since ancient times, steam bath, called Turkish bath, belonged to the same ancient tradition of "purifying baths". It's an application in the form of water vapor with a humidity of 90% -95% and a temperature between 20 and 50 °C. The body is wrapped in a cloud of steam that opens the pores of the skin, promotes cleaning the skin and helps to eliminate toxins. The turkish bath is also a useful tool to relieve stress, rheumatic pains, muscle tension and inflammations of the airways. It also improves blood circulation. A lovely ritual that combines health and beauty.

Bio sauna

The bio sauna is particularly suitable for people who can not stand very high temperatures of the traditional sauna; it is in fact more "soft", with a humidity rate between 50 and 60% and temperature between 50 °and 55 °C. Its origin, like most of the hot air baths, is Nordic, and its beneficial effects are reflected mainly on body temperature regulation and breathability, helping to eliminate acids and toxins with a depurative effect. To the moderate steam bath of the bio sauna, is added the essence of the aromatic herbs that make it a very pleasant to use.


The sauna, ancient tradition of the Nordic peoples, is perhaps the most well known Wellness bathroom. The sauna provides a great mental and physical wellbeing, perfectly combining the desire for relaxation and distention with the care of health and beauty of the body. Inside the sauna, the temperature varies from 80 to 100 °C, with humidity of about 20%; the heat causes the dilation of pores and profuse sweating which helps to eliminate toxins and relax the muscles, with benefits not only for the circulation and metabolism, but also for the mind, thanks to a liberating effect to tension and from the anxiety. Is therefore ideal for combat stress.

Ice fountain

After the purification of the body and relax the mind, to get maximum efficiency from a sauna or steam bath, it's time to use the cascade of ice therapy as a complement for toning your body and facilitate the revascularization, as well as a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Water paradise

The path of the "Water Paradise" after the sauna or steam bath, gives an incredible feeling of wellness and relax through a wise and harmonious combination of water, colors, lights and aromas.

Relax lounge

The perfect place to conclude the proposed trails, where you can quietly lie down on the comfortable chaise-longue by rebalancing the circulation of blood and drinking an high quality herbal tea to reset a proper balance of water after sweating.

Fitness center

For sports people there is available a dedicated area designed and studied to practice the most common physical activities with Technogym equipment. From the large windows of the gym, in the limpid Sicilian days you can enjoy the splendid panorama of the valley of the Elicona river, and on the background, the Aeolian Islands.


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